Comparison Between FAU and SAT

While taking admission to colleges, students often wonder which is more important criteria for admission between FAU and SAT.

Though admission department of most colleges insist upon better GAU score, often it was seen that student with better SAT score has succeeded in getting admission.

Therefore, it is essential that there must be a transparency about FAU SAT requirements so that there is no confusion among candidates who are seeking admission to colleges for higher studies.

GPA in fact reflects your performance, efforts, diligence and focus that you have cultivated for the last 4 years while in case of SAT score, you can obtain in a matter of hours.

Most of the universities too, openly cannot advocate for SAT which is obtained just by appearing for a test and ignore the GPA score, which has been achieved after consistence performance of last few years.

There are a number of reasons why admission officers often give more emphasis on SAT rather than GPA score. Few of them are:

  • SAT is considered as a standardized test before college admission

During SAT test, the candidate can perform based on their knowledge, capability and intelligence level. It will not discriminate the candidate based on the institution or country coming from.

Here all candidates are provided equal opportunity to display their talent under a common and standard condition and their talent will be revealed. Hence, most admission officers often consider SAT.

  • It is not on the basis of which schools you have been educated

SAT does not discriminate based on which institution the candidate is coming from.   Often it has been noticed that a candidate who has obtained C grade from certain institution is found to be intellectually better than a candidate obtained A grade from some other institution.

Often the standard of evaluating candidate varies from institutions to institutions and schools to schools.

  • GPA is not based upon a any particular standard but based on the institution

GPA is decided based on the performance of the candidate in any particular school taking into account the standard set by that particular school or institution. This standard may not be the same in every university.

The admission officers often cannot trust the teachers and counselors of the institutions who have evaluated the candidate.

  • Few schools may inflate the grade of their student as compared other schools

Often it has been noticed that in certain schools and institutions, the grades given are much inflated as compared to their knowledge and intellect level. Many institutions often try to project the results of their candidates to public.

However, when those candidates appear for SAT, their actual intellect level is discovered against all other candidates appearing for the same test.

  • SAT will reflect more about the aptitude and intellect of the candidate 

Admission officers often tend to believe more on the SAT score as it actually reflects the aptitude of the candidate. Most of the admissions officers are also intellectuals themselves, hence they always tend to value more on intellect level of the applicants.

Due to this reason they will tend to ignore the high GPA score if the candidate fails to obtain better score in SAT.

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