Do You Want to Know About Georgetown Admissions Requirements?

Georgetown University is a leading research and academic institution, which is offering unique educational experience to global citizens of coming generation and prepares them to lead and create some difference in the world.

Georgetown University has got vibrant community of many exceptional students, faculty, professionals and alumni dedicated to many real-world applications in scholarships research, faith and service.

Let us discuss about various admissions and the GPA requirements for getting into Georgetown University in this small article.

There is couple of things that you will find here different from other universities in order to get admission to this university.

  1. Georgetown will never publish their statistics about GPA for the fresh candidate in advance.

Actually, they will never measure your GPA on absolute basis as they have both weighted and unweighted GPA based on different courses and due to this reason, they find it difficult to publish their required GPA.

Therefore, for any applicant it will be very hard to determine their admission criteria in advance.

  1. Next is Georgetown has got no general application for applying to any undergraduate course

They have got 4 different baccalaureate schools and each school has got their separate class ranks and average scores for test.

SAT score requirement for admission

Similar to GPA score, the SAT score too varies between schools to schools that you choose to get admission. However, there can be another dimension too for SAT scores of Georgetown.

Ideally Georgetown will like to know about test scores about every SAT subject from you. Georgetown admissions website will recommend that such kind of tests are “highly recommended.” As a matter of fact, they will recommend you to take not just one but 3 SAT subject tests.

So, you have got plenty of leeway to select your SAT subject for appearing for test but you need to ensure that your scores of the SAT will show variety and relevance.

Therefore, in order to prove to them you must choose at least one subject during the test which is relevant to your chosen subject.

As an example, if you are applying for engineering stream then you must choose Mathematics as test subject, or if you are interested in nursing course then you must choose biology as one subject for the test.

In order to offer variety, you can choose a subject which may not be closely interrelated to your preferred stream.

ACT scores requirement for Georgetown

There is a little difference between ACT and SAT score for Georgetown admission.

Georgetown will publish separate expectations for 2 major subsections of SAT:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading/writing and language.

However, in case of ACT score expectation Georgetown will posts whole-test score only. As per the Georgetown staffer, Georgetown really focuses on whole-test score for your score in ACT.

Due to this reason, it is best to take test on ACT, in case you are strong in certain subject and weak in some other. Then the marks that you will get in your favorite subject and also your weak subject will be averaged out and your case will be decided based on your average score.

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