Few Reasons Why You Must Prefer to Go Northeastern University

The Northeastern University was founded in the year of 1898 and has an enrollment of total 13,909 undergraduates. The university has campus within 73 acres of land and it utilizes semester-based education system.

The ranking of this Northeastern University as the best college among National Universities is 40th. The tuition and other fees will add up to $53,506.

this year, Northeastern University has received 3538 transfer applications and school has accepted 1101 students. Thus, the northeastern transfer acceptance rate is 31.12%.

Due to the following few reasons, Northeastern University is considered to be an amazing school to go.

  1. Fantastic co-op program

The university has a co-op program which is one of the great reasons why students prefer to enroll in this university.

Students at this university can complete 5-year program with just three co-ops of 6-month long, which will provide your real-world work experience in few prominent companies.

  1. Beautiful campus

Northeastern university can offer you a real “campus-feel” and at the same time you can enjoy all the perks available in one best city of the world.

Students will flock to the Centennial Common or the lounge around on grass or in Adirondack chairs immediately after that Spring will rolls along during the first warm and sunny day.

  1. Marino center

Marino Center is one well known gym where you can burn some of your calories by using different state-of-the-art equipment.

Besides, you can play volleyball, basketball, broomball, hockey games.

  1. Super accessible

The university is very well connected with various transport systems so that one can easily commute to any place in the city.

Also, if you ever feel too lazy for walking to Prudential Center to do some midday shopping, then you can easily reach there.

  1. Diverse organizations and clubs

There are few awesome organizations and clubs available and it will be really a shame if students of Northeastern do not take benefit of that which is offered here at the university.

  1. Rebecca’s café

There is a famous Rebecca’s Café where you cannot just miss to taste their sandwich which is available at amazingly cheap cost. It will be really worth its price and they are usually available in fresh.

  1. International study programs

There are hundreds of international study programs available in this university which is from different countries of the world.

Many students prefer to study in different countries and can also work abroad. There are programs available in more than 50 countries and with so many different opportunities for you.

  1. Ice hockey

If you are fond of playing ice hockey then dress yourself in the color of Northeastern university which is red and black to join Matthews Arena to play a hockey game.

  1. Small class sizes

At Northeastern University, class size is quite small and on an average you will find only around 30 to 50 students, that will make really be easy for you to know all your fellow classmates as well as professors.

  1. Close-by bars

You can also find bars which are very conveniently located near the campus area. One can always get some nice drinks after long and hard day in the classes.

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