3 Moonshot Projects that Could Shape the Future

There’s no doubt that technology has shaped how people live today. But, the innovation you see won’t be possible if not for the people who dared to dream and work for it. Many call them moonshot thinkers.

Companies like Google’s the X Company nurture these kinds of people. Their forward-thinking endeavors are designed to solve the world’s biggest problems. Read on to learn what they’re working on.


The Internet has changed the way society works. It has improved many things, including communication and education. But, not everyone has access, especially those in remote areas. They’re being left out of today’s digital revolution. Many people would just say that technology needs time to reach more inaccessible areas. But, X didn’t stop looking for solutions. Eventually, Project Loon was born from several moonshot ideas.

Project Loon is a radical approach to expand Internet connectivity throughout the world. But, instead of doing this from the ground with cables and towers, Loon uses the sky through a network of polyethylene balloons carrying antennas. They stay in the stratosphere to deliver expanded connectivity, complete coverage gaps, and improve network resilience.


Makani energy kites are X’s attempt at making a more efficient way of harnessing wind energy. Their aerodynamic wings look similar to small model airplanes tethered to a ground station. The kites fly in loops, with propellers that spin as the air moves through them. This generates power that’s sent down a wire to the grid.

At their best, these devices can generate 600 kilowatts of clean and sustainable electricity. It may not seem much, but this amount can power roughly 300 houses.


The advancement in how people move goods from one place to the next has reshaped the world. But, it can still be better. Whether it’s for a farmer out in the middle of the field with a broken tractor or a parent stuck at home with a sick child and no meals, current methods of road transportation aren’t always fast and efficient enough.

Project Wing is an autonomous delivery drone service that’s developed to increase easy access to goods and reduce traffic and pollution. Travel time would be reduced significantly, since they can just fly over vehicles and other obstacles.

These are just some of the things visionaries have in development. They’re so grand and over the top that others might dismiss them as science fiction, but they’re not. All of them are made possible because people were bold enough to make moonshot proposals really happen.

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