What Are Spiral Chandeliers – Know Everything Before Purchasing One

Unique styles, design, material, and techniques have increased the development of industries. Even, luxury lighting like chandelier is not an exception. There are various designs of chandeliers available in the stores in different styles including spiral, globe, wheel, cylinder, and more. From these, spiral style is the new design that has become popular in these days.

If you need an impressive and attractive light fixture for your room or home, then it is an ideal choice. You can make the space in your home glorious with the crafting style of spiral. Also, it is a wonderful decorative statement and highly visible with arresting quality.

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Spiral style chandelier

They are same as spiral staircase in structure. Like traditional chandelier of crystal, a spiral style will also have separate levels or tiers, but there will be uninterrupted light rows that spiral downwards the floor.

It became popular due to its eye-catching and versatile form. They give an extraordinary look to a salon or living space of mid-century when arranged with right furniture and artwork.

They can be restrained and very simple or intricate and luxury depending on the style you choose. The following is some information about spiral style chandelier that helps you in getting a basic idea about the lighting fixtures.

Different type of spiral chandeliers

Manufacturers are experimenting with the chandelier styles and designs with LED lights, star-shaped pendants, and many more. Few common spiral styles available today are –

  • Crystal Spiral
  • Single Spiral
  • Double Helix
  • Nordic Spiral
  • Raindrop Spiral and
  • Lamp Chandelier

Suitable place to install a spiral style chandelier

Before installing a chandelier of spiral style, make sure whether it matches with the space fixture. Few best places to fix a chandelier are:

  • Spiral style is suitable for large ballrooms, dining rooms, and other spaces.
  • Small spiral chandeliers are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • A massive spiral style chandelier is ideal to install in large lobbies.
  • Big chandeliers are perfect for entryway spaces.
  • Installing a spiral type chandelier at the staircase is a perfect idea to acquire the utmost advantage of a chandelier.

As most of the spiral chandeliers will be crafted from crystals, the common feature of them is sparkling cascade of light decreases same as inverse pyramid (that is illumination decreases from top to the bottom).

So, your eyes will be drawn in upward direction. Think about the crystal cut and type, when you purchase a chandelier. You have to make a choice between hand cut and machine cut depending on your need and budget. Choose a lighting fixture with attractive individual elements.

Choose the best vendor, who sell quality products, select your favorite spiral style chandelier suitable to your place, and place your order today.

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