3 Reasons Why You Need A Land Surveyor Rather Than Measuring It Yourself

You are constructing a building or adding on to your home and the local municipality needs to measure the boundary. While wondering can’t I just measure it myself, think again! There are certain services that only professional surveyors are licensed to provide and doing it otherwise can be illegal and harmful.

While dealing with disputed properties, it is very important to hire a professional land surveyor to determine the actual boundary line of the given property. If you are building something new or your property is disputed only a professional land surveyor can stamp the boundary survey and get the property recorded with the local agency.

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Qualification Of Land Surveyor

In order to become a professional and registered land surveyor in Australia requires a knowledge-based test and skilled oriented education. There is a four years degree program in surveying or equivalent is required with competency or a certification in NSW which you can get either from the University of Newcastle or University of NSW.

A registered land surveyor has also passed a 12-hours exam in order to get registered. They are well versed in the legalities involved and they also know how to get the map approved and recorded. Land surveyors are registered under the Surveyors Act 2007(ACT) or  Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002 (ACT).

Reasons To Hire A Land Surveyor

After checking their qualifications you still might be wondering why do I need to hire them I still can just measuret myself. So here are the reasons to hire a land surveyor:

  • The registered land surveyor will search for the existing legal documents, recorded maps, and any documents created for the property and any survey markers.
  • They will assist you with the certified and signed which shows the legal description and sketch of the marked boundaries.
  • Having a registered land surveyor means having someone who has professional experience and someone who complies with rules and is also industry affiliated.
  • They are skilled with knowledge of measurement, advance maths, complex calculations, and sophisticated pieces of equipment.
  • In case of trouble afterward, you can always call them back for assistance and also they can come to the court as an expert witness in case of a property dispute.

Risk Involves If You Are Doing It Yourself

According to BOSSI, it is illegal for unregistered parties to perform any survey regarding any kind of property. The surveys performed by unregistered land surveyors are not recognised as evidence in case of disputed properties and cannot be presented to the court. It is very risky.

Also, such a survey can also can create unforeseen hazards when it comes to your property. The risk can cost you a lot of money and can also expose you to some serious risk related to the structural encroachment and building compliance violation.

Always make sure you exercise diligence while selecting a professional and registered land surveyor.

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