You Can Reduce Your Driving Anxiety with These Pointers

Anxiety and panic are part of majority people’s lives. The severity determines how it should be treated, whether some tips is sufficient or you need help of a professional to reduce your anxiety. For most of the people driving anxiety can be reduced or managed with a patient approach and few behaviour modifications.

In worst case scenario, you might require treatments like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorder. In severe conditions, you may even need prescribed anti-anxiety medicines. There is nothing more joyous than overcoming your fear.

Driving anxiety is when you feel anxious while driving for the fear of getting into accidents or losing your vehicle’s control and hurting others. Some may even stop driving altogether. You can build your confidence with safe driving course from a reputed and reliable driving school like LTrent. They are in this field for over 50 years. They provide the NSW drivers with the Safer Drivers Course and 20 logbook hours on completion of the course.

These are the few practical advices that can solve your anxiety problem to a great extent –

Start with Recognising the Object of Your Fear

Psychologists often say that a mental health issue has a higher chance of solution, if the patient recognises the cause of the problem. With anxiety and panic even when you know that it is unreasonable, you would feel the fear. When you recognise the object of your fear, you would better able to target the change of behaviour in that direction.

Slowly Build Up Confidence with Small Steps

Most of the driving anxiety arises from traffic which involves dealing with other drivers and pedestrians. To avoid directly landing into a stressful situation, practice your driving in the car parking area or a light traffic region.

Concentrate Solely on The Road

As we all know, a few seconds of distraction can cause accidents. Therefore, your focus on road is very necessary. However, for people with anxiety, this can be an opportunity to keep your fear out of the mind if you are engrossed in only driving and paying less attention to other things.

Refuse The ‘Temptation of Negative Assumption’

Driving anxiety comes with serious “catastrophic assumptions” that you find real. The assumption that you would definitely meet with an accident if you drive, is nothing but wrong. Every time you drive you might not meet with an accident. You must stop having these unfounded thoughts.

Stay One Step Ahead

Be prepared with a backup plan. It would be a worst-case scenario if you have a panic attack while driving. Tips like taking deep breaths and stopping the car immediately at a safe place comes handy when facing the real situation.

Stop Treating Avoidance as A Way to Eliminate Anxiety

Avoiding certain manoeuvres or stop driving all together is not a solution for your panic. The fear does not go away if you stop doing the things you fear. To eliminate it completely, you need to face it head on. Otherwise, you would only be giving rise to your anxiety.

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