Ways to Decorate Your Living Room Stylishly with Beautiful Candles

Candles are nice and delicate elements, which not only provide light, but also promote a warm, cozy, and relaxing environment. The love for candles is never-ending due to their various benefits. Lighting candles in your house will help you to maintain peace of mind and keeps your surrounding calm.

Candles also play an important role in creating a romantic ambiance. A candlelit dinner is a perfect ideal dinner date. Scented candles can be a beautiful romantic gift. Adding candles to any decoration gives a fantastic look. You can use different types of candles with different shapes and size for decorating your home. This will give a royal touch to your house along with a pleasant environment.

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Qualities of a Good Candle

  • Quality of the wax:

The quality of the candle depends on the quality of the wax. Make sure the wax does not include beeswax or paraffin in it.

  • Size of the wick:

Another important feature of a quality candle is the size of its wick. The right size of wick will provide the right flame.

  • The fragrance of the candle:

Ensure that the candle has a good fragrance. If the candle odour is bad, it can spoil your mood.

  • Dripping of the wax:

A good quality candle wax will not drip. This keeps the table and tablecloth safe from any mess.

Types of Candles

  • Flameless candle
  • Tea light candle
  • Votive candle
  • Taper candle
  • Pillar candle
  • Floating candle
  • Scented candle
  • Unscented candle
  • Dripless candle
  • Birthday candle
  • Container candle
  • Gel wax candle
  • Liquid candle

There are various types of candles with different and unique features. You can choose any as per your preferences.

Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room with Candles

  • Candle stands:

The candle stand is extremely attractive. You can place it at any corner or open space. Adding a scented candle on a candle stand will provide you the best contemporary look.

  • Stylish Lanterns:

Lanterns are very beautiful. They provide a soft and glowing effect to the room. Placing a few lanterns at the side tables or hanging them in the corner of the room can give a rich look.

  • Centrepiece:

Another amazing and pleasing way to decorate your living room is placing some candles on the centre of the table as a centerpiece. Arrange candles together in a tray and add some ribbons and artificial flowers. They also create a perfect atmosphere for meditation.

  • Glass jar candles:

Glass jars are a simple yet most stunning way to decorate your living room. You can use large mason jars or glasses, place candles in them, and enjoy the illuminating effect.

Therefore, if your living room looks dull, then decorate it with beautiful candles to fill some colours. However, you cannot place candles just anywhere in your house. This will do more harm than good. Hence, you should always be creative and innovative while decorating your house with candles.

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